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Vitu — Leading Technological Innovation

Vitu is the leading Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) technological innovator transforming interactions between the private sector and government agencies. Focused on developing innovative process management platforms, Vitu partners with state government agencies and businesses across the United States. Its groundbreaking technology and domain expertise have revolutionized and driven market efficiencies since Don Armstrong and Kelly Kimball founded the holding company for Vitu, Motor Vehicle Software Corporation (MVSC), in 2005.

Executive team.

Don Armstrong - CEO and co-founder of Vitu

Don Armstrong

Don Armstrong is CEO and co-founder of MVSC. An industry innovator, Armstrong has a long history of designing and implementing software solutions that successfully address the unique challenges of government. He was behind the development of Michigan’s online vehicle and watercraft registration renewal system, the first of its kind in the nation. Armstrong has also been responsible for other technological advancements currently in use by federal, state and local agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Prior to co-founding MVSC, Armstrong served as Chief Architect at NICUSA, Inc. as a key member of the top management team.

Kelly Kimball - Executive Chairman and co-founder of Vitu

Kelly Kimball
Executive Chairman

Kelly Kimball is a technology entrepreneur, political strategist and sought-after lecturer. Kimball has pioneered various business enterprises, taking them from start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations, and he founded SDR Technologies, Inc. when government agency eFiling was still in its infancy. SDR was the country’s first eFiling system for political reporting in multiple states. As Executive Chairman, Kimball enables Vitu to forge strong relationships between government and business enterprise. With years of experience consulting governments worldwide, Kelly is widely recognized as a pioneer of eGovernment.

Joe Nemelka - Chief Operations Officer

Joe Nemelka
Chief Operations Officer

With a J.D. from the University of Kansas School of Law, Nemelka was Executive Vice President, Market Development for NIC Inc., the leading eGovernment solutions provider. In 1996, he led the effort to complete the country’s first electronic UCC-1 filing in Kansas and served as President and CEO of NIC’s operating subsidiaries. Nemelka then represented NIC in a joint venture including the Swiss venture capital firm, ETF Group, and London-based venture development organization, Vesta Group. Nemelka then ran his own business consulting firm in 2007 and founded Integrated Technology Solutions, LLC, a leader in eBusiness consulting and application development. A pioneer in the eGovernment sector for 20 years, Nemelka is a known thought leader and frequent presenter at digital government conferences throughout the U.S. and Europe.

John Brueggeman - Chief Strategy Officer

John Brueggeman
Chief Strategy Officer

First elected to the Montana House of Representatives at 21, then Majority Whip at 23, John Brueggeman was the youngest person in any state in a legislative leadership role. He went on to serve in the State Senate, chairing the Transportation Committee. In all, Brueggeman spent 10 years in the Montana Legislature with a focus on transportation and information technology policy. This led to a position overseeing legislative and regulatory initiatives as Director of California Government Affairs for the Specialty Equipment Market Association, and being recruited by 3M Company’s Motor Vehicle Systems and Services. As Chief Strategy Officer, Brueggeman leverages his extensive legislative, regulatory, and technology expertise to lead Vitu’s initiatives and strengthens the company’s relationships with government partners throughout the country.

Owen Kloster — Chief Financial Officer

Owen Kloster
Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Owen Kloster brings nearly 30 years of experience in finance and consulting, across various industries. Originally from the Midwest, he holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Adept at driving strategy and scaling in high-growth environments, Owen has built and led finance teams in leading organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, Westfield Group and Accenture. With Owen’s deep understanding of digital and software solutions, he’ll further Vitu’s continued expansion and growth across the company’s portfolio.