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Vitu’s portfolio of products and services provides 50-state V2Gov innovations across multiple industries.

Vitu was founded in 2005 by Don Armstrong, who created the nation’s first online vehicle and watercraft registration renewal system for the state of Michigan, and Kelly Kimball, who is widely recognized as an early innovator of eGovernment consulting with governments worldwide. Armstrong and Kimball joined forces with Rob Cohen of Auto Advisory Services, a leading dealership compliance consulting company in the state of California, to develop Vitu’s title and registration solution that was built on the principles of transparency and compliance.

Now in 2022, Vitu has nearly 400 employees with twelve offices in eleven states, and currently processes over 400,000 vehicle title and registration transactions (ERT) per month. Vitu entered into the California market in 2005 and began processing ERT for dealership customers in 2007. Today, Vitu provides electronic title and registration solutions in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and most recently, Texas. In addition to in-state transactions, Vitu provides national, 50-state title and registration processing with Vitu Interstate.


AVAILABLE IN: California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon and Virginia and in all 50 states with Vitu Interstate — National Title & Reg
Built for increasingly complex V2Gov transactions, our national Vitu platform is specifically designed to exceed your state’s expectations. At the core of our modern, extensible and secure foundation are solutions tailored to each industry and built for diverse transactions and users. Our expertise goes beyond software, however. We provide you with industry support and training to ensure your operation’s success. You also receive the web-based interface and intuitive workflow to make daily tasks simpler — even obsolete. At Vitu, we are committed to delivering the best compliance record and highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

Your streamlined
efile solution.

AVAILABLE IN: California
DMVdesk is California’s premier eFile solution. We listen to the needs of dealerships to enhance and improve features to better support title and registration clerks, and F&I staff. The first in California to be approved to generate and implement virtual reports of sale, we consistently work with the DMV and our partners in other states towards a truly paperless title and registration future. Our staff of industry professionals thinks like our dealership clients. This like-mindedness leads to DMVdesk innovations that are reflected in the unparalleled, comprehensive full-service — from our people and our solutions — we offer.

Vehicle renewals simplified
and in one place.

AVAILABLE IN: California
Vitu Driver is a monthly online service that allows automobile owners to choose flexible payment options for easy electronic and automatic vehicle registration renewals. Vitu Driver uses proven technology to help consumers manage any of their registration renewal needs to make the process easy and stress-free. Currently serving California with plans for nationwide expansion.

Automotive industry training
for all.

AVAILABLE IN: California, Illinois, Oregon and Virginia
With Registration Management Professional (RMP) courses, Vitu provides the most comprehensive training in the industry. All courses are vendor agnostic with our number one goal to educate all who are interested on overall title and registration rules and compliance. Many of the attendees are unaware RMP is offered by a provider of EVR solutions in their state. Since its launch in 2010, RMP has trained over 4,000 individuals across California, Illinois, Oregon and Virginia, with plans to expand.

Vitu Interstate is
50-state title & reg.

Vitu Interstate across the nation

If you use Vitu or DMVdesk, you can start using Vitu Interstate today. If you would like to learn more, please call us at 844‑848‑8468 or click the button below.

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