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Modern and flexible payments in your own apps.

What is VituPay?

VituPay provides your business a powerful and secure method to accept electronic payments at point-of-sale, online and mobile.

With point-to-point encryption of payment information, VituPay places security at the forefront of any transaction — regardless of whether it’s financial or government related. Rest assured, when using VituPay, you and your customers’ data is secure.

VituPay is designed to integrate with any system. Think of it — you have goods and services that need to be paid for. VituPay is ready to drop in your existing application and take over the payment process.

  • Add VituPay for new or existing applications
  • Support modern payments including ApplePay and Google Pay
  • Website integration with iFrame support

How does it work?

As a developer, start with the VituPay API by creating an account at

You’ll quickly discover a treasure trove of well-organized documentation and sample code. From there, when you’re ready to dive in, test out your own code in the developer sandbox.

And before transacting any business, Vitu is available to help with becoming a Sub-Merchant which is needed as you provide goods or services to your users.

Take advantage of additional features

  • Clear and transparent interchange (card network fees) down to a per transaction level
  • Robust VituPay backoffice application to log in and view, manage and track any and all transactions
  • Easy methods to handle refunds and voids
  • Clear and easy-to-follow funding — know where and when deposits are going into your bank accounts
  • Powerful reporting tools

Get started today.

With the VituPay API, the power of modern and flexible payment is now in your hands. As a developer, get started today by visiting our developer site.

Vitu Developer site

dive deeper into The Vitu Platform.

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