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Add secure digital signatures in your own apps.

What is VituSign?

Take advantage of robust and flexible digital signatures through an API call.

Originally developed to support title and registration forms with an odometer statement, VituSign provides Digital Signatures with NIST Level 2 security on any type of document. With their mobile device, your customers appreciate the ease and simplicity of verifying their identify and then digitally signing. They might even have a little fun.

With flexibility in mind, VituSign allows for those situations where that extra layer of security isn't needed. In these cases, electronic signatures are just as easy to use.

How does it work?

With the document you provided, start by sending your request for either digital or electronic signature.

VituSign takes it from here:

  • Click on the notification link to the documents
  • For Digital Signatures, take a picture of a valid ID and a live selfie — this is the extra security
  • Draw or type a signature
  • Sign the documents in designated areas by tapping or clicking
VituSign Digital Signature flow

How do I indicate where to sign?

This part is easy, too.

Package up your documents into a PDF. Using X and Y coordinates that you pass through to the VituSign API, identify exactly where your customers need to sign.

And to take advantage of the extra security that goes with Digital Signatures, all you have to do is essentially set a flag.

Get started today.

With VituSign, the flexibility and security for dgital and electronic signatures is within reach. As a developer, get started today by visiting our developer site.

Vitu Developer site

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