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Submit and Release Titles For Vehicles With Ease.

Increasing Visibility From Day One.

Vitu is easy to use and designed around your needs with electronic liens and titles — allowing for a smooth and fast process.

With a streamlined workflow, submit eFiles and release titles for vehicles with ease. License plate stickers and registration cards are sent directly to your members from our fulfillment center. All submitted deals go through a comprehensive audit to check for any errors or missing paperwork. And rest easy knowing that our expert California-based support will answer any titling and registration question you have, quickly and professionally. With Vitu’s full-service solution, reduce your liability with vehicle title and registration through state-of-the-art monitoring, tracking and inventory fulfillment as well as increase your members’ satisfaction.

Easily Track Vehicle Titles At-a-glance.

Vitu is the quick and efficient full-service platform offering secure titles with unprecedented ease. Simple, color-coded status badges let you know where your titles are throughout their lifecycle.


Now you can perform lien registrations electronically yourself by submitting directly to California DMV — “Processed” titles let you know that DMV is working on them.


As you register vehicles in your credit union’s name, titles are instantly updated as “Received.”


When your member’s loan is paid off, releasing the title is incredibly easy — and once complete, its status is changed to “Released.”

Easy DMV Titles Release for New car dealers

Protect You and Your Members Against Fraud.

Your Best Defense Against Fraud Is to Run a Vehicle Registration Inquiry (KSR).

When financing a vehicle, it’s important to ensure the buyer is purchasing from the true owner — protecting both you and your member. With Vitu, gain access to KSR reports to help you verify the registered owner, outstanding liens, registration status and important vehicle information. We make it easy to identify and track title status and listings by providing you with the transparency, accuracy and security financial institutions like yours need to prevent fraud.

Rest easy knowing Vitu has an expert California-based Support Team who are here to answer any and all of your registration and titling questions, quickly and professionally.

DMV Forms and Fees


Run all your KSR, NMVTIS and Theft & Lien reports with minimal data entry — instantly see the complete picture.

  • Run inquiries on vehicles
  • Gain visibility into the electronic title process
  • Create custom reports
  • Schedule reports on demand
Vehicle Registration process for credit unions

We Are Here For You With California-based Experts.

We’re here to help in any way possible.

Chat with our Support Team right in Vitu

Personalized 24/7 Support

By phone, chat or email, get answers to any DMV or lien registration compliance questions.

Switch to Vitu effortlessly with the help of our Account Executives

Smooth, Hands-On Transition

Account Executives visit your credit union in person on a regular basis to go over any issues and answer any questions you may have.

DMV paperwork training for title clerks

RMP Training

Take advantage of courses that provide you with the knowledge to take your lien registration skills to the next level.