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Vitu Interstate is built right into DMVdesk.

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Title & reg processing optimized for you.

With DMVdesk, all the tools you need for a streamlined title and registration process are within reach.

Platform features

  • Take advantage of powerful eFiling designed to fit the needs of nearly every dealership including new, used, motorcycles, powersports and recreational vehicles
  • Know the status of where vehicles are in the eFile process at a glance
  • Save time by viewing and editing deal information on a single page
  • Review important eFile information prior to submission to DMV
  • Have plates and stickers sent directly to your customers, quickly and efficiently
  • Generate and print additional DMV forms with just a few clicks

Inquiries and reports

  • Run KSR, NMVTIS and Theft & Lien reports with minimal data entry
  • Get VIN-specific Safety Recall Reports when running a KSR or as a standalone inquiry
  • Easy-to-read reports instantly give you the information you need
  • Built-in, customizable reporting gives you deep insight into your dealership’s title and registration process

Did You Know — DMVdesk Offers This and Much More?

Registration sticker for california license plate

A tracking number lets your customers check the status of their license plate, registration card and sticker delivery.

Lease buyout option for efiling

When eFiling, the lease buyout option helps you avoid VLF reclassification fees.

California vehicle title for new car dealers

Easily print on the back of a California title, including owner and dealership information.

Fee calculator for california new car dealers

Our fee calculator lets you select fee exemptions for more accurate fee estimates.

Vehicle inventory tool for california new car dealers

Our Vehicle Inventory tool keeps track of unsold inventory and calculates registration fees for new and used vehicles.

DMV logbook feature for california new car dealers

DMVdesk scans every deal and provides access to them from the Logbook and Bundles pages.

Customer details for vehicle registration in california

DMVdesk validates each customer address, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery of license plates, registration cards and stickers.

Refund feature for California new car dealers

If your customer overpaid any fees, DMVdesk can issue refund checks at your request.

Bundle errors in DMV vehicle registration

Bundle error notifications alert you of errors on submitted paperwork, giving you time to resolve fixable errors.

How are we doing?

Ninety-nine percent of our partners say they would recommend DMVdesk to a colleague or another dealership.

Ninety-seven percent of our title clerk users say the overall in-person service from their DMVdesk Account Executive is good to excellent.

Ninety-three percent of our title clerk users say they contact DMVdesk Support regularly for help with DMV compliance.

Ninety-eight percent of our title clerk users say that DMVdesk Support resolve their concerns or questions in a timely manner.

Results based on our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey of DMVdesk partners.

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