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Vitu Light


Time is money — e-Filing gets you $15 for every car sold.

Participate in BPA to reap the rewards

  • Make money by increasing the Document Processing Charge to $85*
  • Save time waiting for DMV to process deals
  • Stop wasting energy mailing in or walking in bundles in person to DMV
  • Skip to the front of the line by sending deals electronically to DMV

Discover the power of eFiling

E-Filing might sound advanced or complicated, so let’s break it down. E-Filing is just that — sending title and registration electronically to DMV. Simple, easy and instant. Say goodbye to mailing paperwork or visiting a field office. If you haven’t been eFiling, you’re missing.

Vitu Light integrates all the vehicle, owner and registration info from your DMS, easily creating a Virtual Report of Sale and Temp Tag. After that, all that’s left for you to do is review using an organized and easily readable form, then submit. With Vitu Light, you’ll complete a single transaction in record time.

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Create and print VROS and Temp Tags

Print VROS and Temp Tags on demand

With Vitu Light, you have the power to generate and print Virtual Reports of Sale along with Temp Tags on demand.

California plate and sticker fulfillment

Plate and sticker fulfillment

Our state-of-the-art fulfillment center sends license plates, registration cards and stickers directly to your customers with unprecedented speed.

Vehicle inventory tool for California car dealers

Print reports and inquiries

Run all your KSR, NMVTIS and Theft & Lien reports with minimal data entry — instantly see the complete picture when acquiring vehicles.


If you currently use DealerCenter’s Desking solution — then the Temp Tag/Virtual Report of Sale and eFiling within Vitu Light are now easier to use than ever. With just a click of a button within DealerCenter, create and print Temp Tags and Virtual Reports of Sale. Then, when you are ready to eFile the deal, open up Vitu Light with all of your data ready to go.

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24/7/365 Support

A whole new support experience

Whether it’s our fully-guided remote installation, chat or phone support — we’re there for you, with options tailored for your dealership.

RMP Training

RMP training

Take advantage of our courses that provide you with the knowledge to take your title and registration skills to the next level.


California Vitu Light Sales Kit

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