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Driver License History reports with minimal effort.

Get the complete picture for drivers

For anything involving law enforcement, from simple traffic tickets to petty crimes to even felonies, the state tracks and records it on your Driver License Record.

Eventually when you make a big purchase or start a new job, businesses often look up your record, searching for potentially problematic information to ensure you are not an irresponsible citizen.

Businesses want to establish trust. Of course, finding your potential buyer has some criminal infractions or drives recklessly may cause more problems down the line. In the worst cases, discovering serious red flags cancels the deal entirely.

Why would you need a Driver License History Report?

On the other hand, you, as an individual or small business owner, may also wish to run searches on others. Of course, learning your potential buyer, or seller, has a clear driving record and little to no minor infractions helps you feel more confident in your decision. Even for you, knowing a person’s Driver License Record helps you make an informed choice. Such as for businesses, a Driver License History Report gives you the knowledge you need to conduct your everyday business safely and securely.

Enter Vitu Driver License History Reports.

Driver License History Reports have been part of Vitu’s title and registration solutions since we started. Now, we offer them to consumers like you. We designed our Driver License History Reports to be easy to read, so you may immediately determine whether or not to proceed with your transaction.

How it works:

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Vitu Driver License History Reports for individuals and businesses is currently available in Montana. In other states, Driver License History Reports are available for dealerships and incorporated into Vitu’s electronic title and registration solutions and DMVdesk in California.