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Vehicle and eGov solutions are available for you — today.

Vitu makes your life easier.

Working with government services shouldn’t be difficult

As an everyday consumer, when do you work with the government? The answer: more often than you think.

Renewing your vehicle registration or filling out paperwork to buy your new car at the dealership count. However, we all know working with the government can be difficult at times. Occasionally, you have to sift through confusing websites, call some customer service department or maybe even line up at a local state office. There must be an easier way. In fact, with Vitu there is.

Vitu’s technology is constructed around and built on innovating vehicle-to-government solutions. We carefully thought about what services we could provide to help ease communication between you, a valued purchaser and operator of vehicles, and the government. Always keeping you in mind, we designed our consumer solutions to make your life just a little easier.

Three solutions for consumers Like you.

Registration renewals

Registration renewal

So many things can go wrong for vehicle registration renewal. You forget the due date, lose the mailed notice or never receive the reminder in the first place. What if your vehicle registration could renew itself?

Learn more about Registration Renewal.

Vehicle history reports

Vehicle history

Are you in the market for a used vehicle? Knowing its history: tickets, accidents, repossessions etc. affects your buying decision, so we made vehicle records and reports available.

Learn more about Vehicle History Reports.

Driver License history reports

Driver license history

Motorists have their own record on their driver’s license, from simple traffic tickets to felonies. When you try to purchase a vehicle or apply for a loan, the dealership or lender may run a driver license report. As an individual or small business, what if you could do the same?

Learn more about Driver License History Reports.