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Registration Renewal made easy.

What if your vehicle registration could renew itself?

Certainly, you could continue paying the state as you do now, but registration renewal is one of those things so easy to forget.

Sometimes, you find yourself at your local vehicle office after realizing your registration renewal is due the next day. Other times, you look at the mailed notice and discover you’re a little short on funds. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there at some point, which is why we considered how to provide a service that makes automatic vehicle registration renewal possible.

With some basic vehicle information and your chosen payment method, Vitu works with the state to look up due dates and fees. From there, we take the wheel and automatically pay your registration. Once it's paid in full, our fulfillment center sends you your updated registration and stickers.

Connecting your vehicle with your state’s motor vehicle department through our end-to-end solutions is our expertise.

Enter Vitu Driver.

We specially developed Vitu Driver to suit you.

How it works:

Create an account and add your vehicles
Pay all at once or split your upcoming renewal payment into monthly increments
Add your payment information
Stay up-to-date with updates on your account from any device
Watch out for your updated registration card and stickers arriving in the mail
Vitu Driver

Vitu Driver is currently available in California and in Montana — coming soon to other states.