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A vehicle’s history in a single report.

Get the complete picture of a vehicle’s history

Vehicles have a story to tell, and sometimes it’s quite compelling.

New vehicles don’t have much, but the longer you own or lease your car, the more interesting the story becomes as it acquires tickets, accidents, repossessions — everything. Dealerships run vehicle history reports all the time. When you want to buy a new car and trade in your old one, the dealership will definitely run a report.

Think about it. Before you finalize the sale and negotiate the price, not only are they going to determine how much your trade-in is worth, but also the vehicle’s history. Has it been in any accidents? Are there any unpaid tickets, fines or fees due? Are you actually the legal owner? Vehicle History Reports reveal all this information to help a dealer make an informed decision.

How do you make informed decisions about a vehicle?

Maybe you’re buying a car from a private party, and knowing a vehicle’s history sounds useful to you. Although Vehicle History Reports aren’t available to the public in some states, other states allow individuals and small businesses to run them for situations like this.

Enter Vitu Vehicle History Reports.

Vehicle History Reports have been part of Vitu’s title and registration solutions since we started. Now, we offer them to consumers like you. We designed our Vehicle History Reports to be easy to read, so you may immediately determine whether or not to proceed with your transaction.

How it works:

Fill out some paperwork
Get approved and gain access
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Vitu Vehicle History Reports for individuals and businesses is currently available in Montana. In other states, Vehicle History Reports are available for dealerships and incorporated into Vitu’s electronic title and registration solutions and DMVdesk in California.