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The flow of information.

The journey of transactions

Vitu’s foundation comes from an expert-level understanding and technological know-how in communicating with government agencies.

When your vehicle is renewed, a record on the state’s system is updated. When you pay for services, several agencies including banks are notified and updated. We’re talking many, many transactions per day. And that involves not only many transactions, but also many different types of systems and government agencies. We send them data, and they send us data — constantly.

How does Vitu do this?

Though a great amount of data passes through them, all of Vitu’s solutions are built around security. Regardless of the kind of data, secure transactions come first. Vitu adheres to the strictest compliance regimen, retaining independent auditors to review and certify annual audits of all our activity. Security is in our culture and stands at the front and center of everything we do.

The secure sending and receiving of data occurs at every second of the day. Vitu’s speciality lies in communicating with different government agencies. We know how to speak their language. In turn, our development team is agile and not only maintains those existing connections, but also rapidly adapts to provide new services. This is best displayed when Vitu enters another state, or when we launch a new solution. Through it all, Vitu maintains its systems, both the new and the well-tested, exchange safe and secure data.