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e-Government solutions across the nation.

Vitu speaks your language.

Let’s get this out of the way. What is eGov?

Electronic Government (eGov) touches our lives at least multiple times a year. It’s the interaction between you and the government but electronically.

It’s renewing your vehicle registration, filling out the census or submitting your taxes, online. It’s a dealership registering your vehicle with the state, electronically.  In other words, your interactions with the government on the internet at the local, state or federal level — it’s all eGov.

And as you well know, many times these interactions go all right, then sometimes they are just awful. That’s why we here at Vitu do what we do — make eGov transparent, seamless and easy to use for businesses and individuals alike.

Aren’t all of those government systems old?

It’s true. Some government agencies do use ancient PCs and legacy mainframe systems.Not all of them, but some. Regardless, someone needs to mediate between businesses, or you, and those systems and provide solutions. That’s where we come in.

It’s those situations Vitu is well-versed in, providing eGov solutions and working with government partners to initiate change to best modernize current procedures as well as identify methods to streamline existing practices. This sometimes involves legislative action to pave the way for innovations like digital signatures and electronic submission of documents.

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What this means for you

This all might sound complicated. Government, computers, technology, all talking to each other. Well, it is. But you, as a consumer or business partner, don’t need to be bothered with any of that. You want to get in, finish your task and get out. We can help with that. As masters of taking complex problems and developing simple, easy to use and intuitive solutions, Vitu helps you cut through all the muck so you can get in and get out.

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Keeping government records up to date

Think about it. When you renew your registration, the state’s records are updated. If you purchase a car at a dealership, your title and registration is sent to the state. Keeping eGov records updated and easily accessible for government agencies is part and parcel of what we do here at Vitu.

The majority of the time, data is sent electronically — either immediately or periodically in batches. With our expertise in talking to government agencies, we speak those computer languages to a variety of disparate systems. We ensure data is sent securely and efficiently. In other cases, physical paperwork or inventory, such as license plates, are issued and accounted for. States need that type of information updated as well.

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And just who keeps up with all of this?

Whether you are an individual looking at your account, a manager at a dealership, or a director of a government agency, you need to be aware of what’s going on and when as well as act on things happening around you. We’re all administrators of our own affairs. And as an administrator, you want control and insight.

Vitu builds all its solutions on the idea that any one of us is in this position — looking at data, analyzing and acting on certain scenarios. Our government partners need to drill down to see the tiniest detail of any given transaction or look at the big picture from high above. You, as a user, need to do the same. Vitu’s administration tools offer all our partners that insight from easy-to-read dashboards to detailed reports to changing settings for users. You are in control.

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