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Legacy systems reimagined as modern experiences.

How do you turn something old into something new?

Vitu intimately understands the needs of states and organizations with a full team of experts and solutions ready at a moment’s notice.

At a fundamental level, Vehicle to Government (V2Gov) transactions and procedures are, for the most part, similar across the nation. This also applies to the needs of individual users and consumers who desire easy-to-use products and excellent customer service. We know how to speak to older legacy systems. We know how to create incredible SaaS software experiences. We know we’ve mastered reconciling the requirements of government with our drive for modernization. After our years of experience in the industry, you get the powerful solutions Vitu provides on a daily basis and continues to innovate.

Your partner in innovation.

Vitu has the processes, staff and expertise necessary to continue innovating in a primarily legacy eGov industry. Paperless transactions are on the cusp of becoming a reality and Vitu stands at the forefront — spearheading development in this space and in others. Furthermore, our company hires the best of the best local experts who work with states, organizations and individual users in rolling out our solutions.

In partnering with Vitu, a strong and reliable foundation is already in place

Launched in 2007, California’s DMVdesk reinvented electronic vehicle registration in the state and continues to be the leader in innovation and service. In 2016, Vitu was introduced in Oregon as the first of many national rollouts. Vitu is our 50-state platform based on modern technology, and its flexibility lies in its ability to support multiple eGov solutions simultaneously. Reinforcing all of Vitu’s software and services are numerous layers of security — all designed to protect the sensitive information inherently included in eGov transactions.

Through all the processes, people and technology, Vitu is your diligent partner in continuous innovation, now and for years to come.