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A customer-first mindset drives our design.

Revolutionary V2Gov solutions To optimize efficiency.

Connecting you to the government

Dealerships interact with the government, or more specifically their state motor vehicle departments, on a daily basis.

Whenever you submit a title and registration application for a new vehicle or order some license plates for your customer’s car, you connect with the government. However, that relationship is not always easy. The government has dozens of rules and regulations to remember, all of which are liable to change. Not to mention your local jurisdiction may receive your paperwork and reject it, for a reason you might not even know about or understand.

Vitu took a long look at the space between you and the government. We thought we could make it simpler, faster and easier, so we did. Vitu designs and organizes its vehicle-to-government solutions around dealerships’ needs, wants and even the little luxuries so that everything you need to succeed is easily within reach. Vitu connects your dealership, your vehicles and your customers to the government like never before.

The title & reg process — reinvented

Is your staff still rekeying transaction info, switching between tabs and more? It’s a waste of time and, frankly, antiquated. Built on secure, modern technology, Vitu lets you, the user, get in, do what you need to do and get out. With an easy-to-use interface and a connection to your dealership’s DMS, compared to other title and registration offerings, using Vitu is like a breath of fresh air. Vitu’s title and registration service, backed by award-winning support, streamlines any transaction type at your dealership.

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A new way for your customers to pay for goods and services

Your dealership already has a payment system. It’s in your service department and customers use it to pay for parts and services. It’s in your finance department for buyers to purchase additional warranties or extended service coverage. But how satisfied are you really with that system? Does it integrate with your dealership’s management system? Does it accept contactless payment types? Meet our modern payment system, VituPay: a uniquely simple platform that ties together your day-to-day operations with an intuitive interface.

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Training for the automotive industry

State motor vehicle departments constantly alter and update their rules and regulations. We know it’s difficult to keep up with all the latest news, so we created a training program to do just that — RMP. Vitu’s best-in-class Registration Management Professional (RMP) program is developed by industry experts with years of experience and knowledge in the field. Our comprehensive training program was built to teach, inform and guide in all government vehicle procedures and processes and is designed especially for your dealership, credit union and other related title and reg or compliance operations.

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