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Mastery of convenience

For you, convenience is a noun; to us, it is our trade.

When developing our products, your dealership and customers’ convenience is always at the front of our minds. It is the reason behind our best features and continues to inform every decision we make, now and in the future.

Our mastery of convenience is most apparent in our online and point-of-sale (POS) solution, VituPay. VituPay is an electronic payment system that combines integrated POS, eCommerce and Telecheck technology to transform the way your dealership accepts payments from customers.

VituPay brings convenience to your customer in accepting various payment methods integrated into an easy-to-use POS or online system. That’s right. Credit and debit cards, contactless and mobile phone payments, checks and, of course, cash — they’re all available. You can even offer your customers paper or electronic receipts via text or email.

Perhaps to others providers, DMS integration is a luxury, but to us it’s a necessity. Rather than entering in the same information on separate DMS and payment systems, VituPay’s integration with your dealership’s DMS eradicates rekeying mistakes and allows for quick transaction processing.

Above all, VituPay’s robust backoffice application handles refunds, reconciliation, chargeback and retrieval processing and more. Our custom reporting and simplified billing statements are formatted to provide meaningful information for dealerships which increase financial visibility, control and profitability.

Enter VituPay.

Registration sticker for california license plate

Modern POS devices

You and your customers will appreciate these attractive and easy-to-use POS devices.

Vehicle inventory tool for california new car dealers

Flexible payment methods

Accept most forms of payment: credit, debit, contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay), cash or check.

California vehicle title for new car dealers

VituPay backoffice

Track and manage all financial transactions by location and technician, which links each transaction to each payment.

VituPay is coming soon to your state.