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A truly streamlined title & reg process.

Ushering in a new era

E-Filing, ERT, EVR, EVTR. Whatever your state calls it, it refers to electronic title and registration processing and submission.

It may sound foreign and futuristic, but it has been around in some states for years. For others where this is new and unfamiliar, we promise you’ll soon come to see it as one of the greatest additions to your dealership’s workflows.

Remember when you walked into local offices in person to process physical title and registration paperwork? You also remember that it took a lot of time, effort and money, which could have been better spent elsewhere. Whether that’s a recent past or even present for you, we say enough.

Vitu is optimized to help you do what you do best

Whether your dealership tried electronic processing with other vendors, who offer some of the same services, or you’ve just learned about it, you’re in the best of hands with Vitu. Our workflows are designed by experts like you offering better, more robust, more specifically catered features to suit your dealership’s daily activities. We strive to simplify the title and registration process at every step.

From the beginning of the transition, we guide you step by step in learning how to use our application and how it adapts to your state’s rules and regulations. We facilitate your relationship with the government but never replace it. Instead, we help you cultivate it.

Even after you grow accustomed to Vitu, we continually check in to improve overall efficiency and ask how you’re doing. Best of all: at any point of your relationship with us, you always have access to our 24/7 customer support to ask any questions.

How to start.

Fill out a few documents that we provide
Pre-installation, technical review and training throughout your dealership
Log in and launch!

Electronic title and registration solutions with Vitu are currently available in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas and Virginia. DMVdesk is available in California. MessWin for OLM/OLRP processing is available in Pennsylvania.