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Best in class training developed for you.

Created and developed by industry experts

In a changing world, governments at the federal, state and local level constantly update and revise their laws and regulations, rightly so, to meet new advancements and new demands.

However, it can become overwhelming to keep up with the latest news, even as a well-established dealership or credit union.

There is also the question of the inexperienced employee. To newcomers, throwing them into the world of motor vehicle rules and regulations plus your dealership’s own practices may feel like, to them, being thrown to the sharks. Adding in new laws or overturning old ones would exhaust anyone, even the most seasoned employee.

To resolve these predicaments, we developed the Registration Management Professional (RMP) training program. Specifically employing industry experts, with years of industry experience and knowledge, we created courses to answer any and all questions on compliance and the title and registration process.

With a variety of courses built around transaction types and suited to varied experienced levels, RMP serves everyone at your dealership or credit union. Utilizing real-world examples and scenarios to explain government forms, policies and best practices, RMP provides all the tools and knowledge you need to do your job more successfully. Having trained thousands of industry professionals since 2010, we know RMP is the best tool for you to stay compliant and in the know.

What does RMP offer?

RMP eLearning Courses

Online training

Learn at your own pace and access your online course at your convenience, from anywhere.

RMP Webinars


Engage more deeply in the material with and ask any questions to our RMP trainers.

RMP Resource Library


Use these resources, written by and annually updated by our RMP experts, regularly for reference.

RMP - Registration Management Professional

Visit the RMP website to register for a course.

RMP training is currently available in California, Illinois, Oregon and Virginia.