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Comprehensive Training on SOS/DOR Procedures And Regulations.

What is RMP?

If you had access to years of expert title and registration knowledge, wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Our Registration Management Professional (RMP) training program is designed for you to tap into such a knowledge base. All of our classes are developed to inform, engage and help you with all aspects of the title and registration process. Our expert trainers have years of SOS/IDOR experience and craft each course specifically with you in mind.

We’ve all been there. We know how overwhelming the world of title and registration can be for those new to the industry. Even if you have years of experience under your belt, problem deals still come across your desk. RMP training breaks it all down with exercises and easy-to-understand examples. All of our expert trainers have one goal: for you to be successful as a registration management professional.

Illinois CLASSES.

Tax, Title and Registration Training

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Ninety-two percent of responses say attending RMP courses help them in their current roles.


Ninety-eight percent of responses say they would recommend RMP courses to others.

Results based on our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey of RMP attendees.

Courses are Available Throughout the Year.