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Fleet lease title, registration and renewal backed by stellar service.

Let us handle all your fleet lease registrations, renewals and titles.

We specialize in providing all your corporate fleet leasing needs throughout all the New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Local, personal and individual. We give each transaction our undivided, expert attention to ensure the paperwork is generated correctly the first time around.


Get updated registrations and titles quickly and efficiently.


Let us process registration renewals for your existing vehicles.


We provide a variety of vehicle title services.

Services available for you.

Vehicle registration

Registration for new vehicles and state transfers

Does your company have a brand new vehicle or one relocated from another state? Our team usually completes the registration requests within days. We review the paperwork and make sure it’s generated correctly — helping minimize the time and cost to your customers. Do you need a duplicate registration and replacement plates? Has your driver moved or left the company? We’ll handle the updated registrations and titles quickly and efficiently.

Registration renewals

Registration renewals

Are you overwhelmed when it comes time to renew the registrations for each vehicle in your fleet? We know, the more vehicles in your fleet, the more overwhelming it is to track the different expiration dates and fees. However, we make it easy. Send us the vehicle information, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Title services


A vehicle title appears like the ultimate piece of vehicle documentation that is off-limits once it’s finalized. But what do you do when you need it changed, updated or even duplicated? Our experts offer a multitude of services:

  • Processing “title only” requests
  • Obtaining duplicate titles
  • Recording liens
  • Correcting title information
  • Searching vehicle records by plate number and/or VIN

We are here for you with New England experts.

Enjoy the highest level of customer service with local experts based in New Hampshire.

Personalized Support

Personalized support

Call us and get answers for your deals.

Easy to get started

Easy to get started

The switch to Vitu is simpler than you think.

Eyes on your transactions

Eyes on your transactions

Our team works with you to minimize errors.