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Our journey from humble beginnings to driving industry-wide innovation.
We are Vitu.

From one spare desk in a storage room to millions of deals completed across the nation, follow our journey of delivering superior title and reg services to you.

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2005 | Vitu Milestone

Vitu is founded by Don Armstrong and Kelly Kimball.

2007 | expansion
Market Entry

Vitu enters the title and reg industry with its flagship product, DMVdesk, serving dealers in California.

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2010 | Expansion

RMP launches its first classroom-based workshop in California.

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CA DMVdesk Market Growth
2014 | vitu Milestone
Market Growth

Vitu becomes the leading EVR provider in California, the nation’s largest market.

2015 | expansion
Vitu Oregon

Vitu expands to the Oregon EVR market, offering in-state title and reg services.

2016 | Expansion
Vitu Illinois

Vitu expands to Illinois ERT market, offering tax, title and registration services to in-state partners.

2017 | expansion
Vitu Virginia

Vitu expands to join the Virginia EVR market, offering in-state title and reg.

CA Pay logo
2019 | Vitu Milestone
CA Pay

Vitu rolls out CA Pay to all California DMV field offices, revolutionizing payments for residents.

2019 | Acquisition
Vitu Indiana

Vitu acquires Title Pro, expanding into the Indiana EVR market.

2020 | Expansion
Vitu Montana

Vitu rolls out Montana Pay and reimagines the state's driver and vehicle inquiry process.

Vitu Interstate
2020 | Vitu Milestone
Vitu Interstate

Vitu launches its 50-state title and reg solution to dealers nationwide.

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2021 | Expansion
Vitu Minnesota

Vitu expands to the Minnesota EVTR market, offering in-state title and reg.

2021 | Acquisition
Vitu Pennsylvania

Vitu acquires TitleNGo and expands into the Pennsylvania OLM/OLRP market.

Vitu Digital Signatures
2021 | Expansion
Digital Signatures

Vitu completes a vehicle sale without requiring a physical (ink) signature with VituSign — a first for the nation.

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2021 | expansion
Vitu Maryland

Vitu expands to the Maryland EVR market, offering in-state title and reg.

2021 | Expansion
Vitu Idaho

Vitu expands to the Idaho EVR market, offering in-state title and reg.

2021 | expansion
Vitu Colorado

Vitu expands to the Colorado EVR market, offering in-state title and reg.

2021 | Expansion
Vitu Texas

Vitu expands to the Texas EVR market, offering in-state title and reg.

Vitu API
2022 | expansion
Vitu API Platform

Vitu offers its technology to dealerships and enterprise organizations with powerful APIs.

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NTX National Title Exchange
2022 | Expansion
NTX launch

Vitu launches National Title Exchange (NTX), making acquiring titles easy for dealers across the US.

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2022 | expansion
Vitu Wisconsin

Vitu begins offering Wisconsin EVR for its Illinois and Minnesota customers.

RMP Registration Management Professional
2023 | Expansion
RMP Expansion

As of 2023, RMP now provides title and registration training in seven states.

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Vitu Indiana market growth
Vitu Indiana growth

Vitu becomes the state's leading provider.

DLDV Driver License Data Verificiation
2023 | Expansion
DLDV launch powered by AAMVA

Vitu launches Driver License Data Verification (DLDV), simplifying the license and ID verification process.

2024 | expansion
Vitu Kentucky

Vitu expands to the Kentucky ERT market, offering in-state title and reg services.

Vitu has successfully completed the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type II audit, demonstrating its effective
protection of confidential client data.

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