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Vehicle History reports to the rescue.

In addition to Vehicle History reports being available for consumers, Vitu also provides access for dealerships

Get a complete picture of a vehicle before acquiring it

Vehicle History reports are reasonably priced and available 24/7

See what Vitu can do for you

Look up a vehicle's history in record time

Looking to purchase a vehicle or, as a dealer, take one in on trade? Get a complete picture of a vehicle's history with easy-to-read reports.

Vitu simplifies your vehicle inquiry process with incredibly easy access to reports — all with minimal data entry. The information you need is within reach.

Vehicle History reports at your fingertips

Platform features

Get Vehicle History reports quickly and securely

Secure platform

A password-protected, secure site lets you enter and pay for inquiries, safer than ever before.

Streamlined Data Entry

Save time with a clean screen layout and automatic data population.

Submit and checkout quickly

Submit inquiry requests and checkout at lightning speed.

Easy to read reports
Easy-to-read reports

Clear and easy-to-read reports are just a click away.

Get started with Vitu Vehicle History reports today.

Currently available for consumers and businesses in Montana

Vehicle History Reports
Get started with Montana Vehicle History Reports

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