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National Title Exchange

One E-Titling solution — millions saved
in lost revenue.

Immediately reduce frustration, liability and expenses

E-Titles fast and easy

A completely digital process — no mailing in paperwork

Save over $241 per vehicle

The Nation's leading E-Title solution

Don't wait weeks or months, get that title in days

We know what you're thinking — titling a vehicle takes time and a lot of paperwork. Enter National Title Exchange. Instead of waiting for processing and potential delays, issuing a vehicle title digitally brings near immediate results — we’re talking days instead of weeks or months.

As easy as...


Obtain chain of custody

Obtain chain of custody

Obtain a lien satisfaction

Obtain a lien satisfaction

Sign, upload and submit docs

Sign, upload and submit docs

Stop idling — drive sales with faster titles

Save $241 per vehicle compared to your current titling process

The current manual titling process takes 30 days or more. We’ve cut that to 3 business days or less, saving our partners over $34 million in the past 12 months. Here’s how:

Save over $241
per vehicle
in holding costs*
*Based on national holding cost averages — we'll show you how

Why do you need NTX?

NTX is the ultimate solution for dealers to title vehicles — fast

Overcoming roadblocks for faster dealer titles

Vehicle acquisition and trade-in
Vehicle acquisition
and trade-in

Get that vehicle titled in your name with unprecedented speed and security with a completely digital process — even have your sellers sign paperwork digitally from anywhere in the world.

Speed to retail
Speed to retail

Do it right by having a title in hand before selling the vehicle and avoid the hassle of rebuilding a chain of custody.

Vehicle have a lien?
Vehicle have a lien?

No problem. NTX allows for Digital, Facsimile or paper lien releases versus waiting 10-20 days on the lender to mail the release or signed off title.

Skip duplicate titles
Skip duplicate titles

The duplicate title process can take weeks or even months. With NTX, get a paper title in your dealership’s name in 1 to 3 business days or less.

Be auction ready
Be auction ready

A title in hand brings in an average of 10-20% more in wholesale profit per vehicle than without.

E-Titling for the future, available today

Physical or E-Title — you have options

The barriers of titling vehicles are broken. If you have a physical title in hand, use it! But in those situations where you don’t have a title, it’s still not going to stop you. E‑Titling is here. Simply leverage Vitu to provide a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) in lieu of uploading a paper title.

Secure. Fast. Digital. NTX is the future of titling vehicles.

National Title Exchange MVR eTitle
E-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nationE-Titling across the nation

A brief overview of NTX

Built for the Nation, made for you

Locally and across the Nation, Vitu supports all your title and registration needs — no need to log into another platform.


In-state Title & Reg


50-State Title & Reg


E-Titling Nationwide

Get started with Vitu today.

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The Vitu Platform — Digital Title and Reg in one place

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