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Fraud Protection

Preventing fraud has never been this easy.

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1-2-3 protection against fraud

It’s never been more difficult to protect your dealership against fraud. Every day, your dealership sees a new buyer or acquires a trade-in, making the stakes higher than ever to be on the look-out for red flags in a transaction — Vitu has three powerful tools to make it easy to protect your dealership against fraud:


DLDV (Driver License Data Verification)

DLDV Driver License Data Verification

NMVTIS Reports

NMVTIS Reports

Theft & Lien Reports

Theft and Lien Reports

Out-of-state buyers verified with DLDV

Driver License Data Verification — or DLDV — is your go-to when verifying that your out-of-state buyer is who they say they are. A quick check is all it takes to get easy-to-read reports. DLDV pulls data from most states (through AAMVA), making it reliable and secure wherever you are.

DLDV Inquiry Failed

DLDV Lookup Inquiry — failed

DLDV Inquiry Passed

DLDV Lookup Inquiry — passed

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No surprises with NMVTIS

National reporting gives you a complete picture of titling history and — more importantly — keeps you in the know of any “brand hits” on the vehicle including junk, salvage, flooded and more. 

Get the Theft and Lien report

Before you receive a trade-in, you need to know if a vehicle has any theft or lien history that could impact its resale value. This exclusive report shows if a vehicle was previously reported stolen or if there are any outstanding liens on it — and as always, it comes in an easy-to-read format.

Theft and Lien Report

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