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National forms & fees API

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50-state fees, forms, checklists and title and reg in your own apps

The most accurate title and registration fees for all 50 states

Generate and print pre-populated state government forms for all 50 states

50-state title and registration at your fingertips
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When you are selling vehicles, title and registration fees, checklists of required documents, government forms and, ultimately, just “getting it done” are paramount. Vitu’s National API lets you pick and choose which features are important to your business and customers — regardless of where in the United States the vehicle is sold or registered:

  • The most accurate fee estimates for all fifty states
  • Document checklists of required forms
  • Ready-to-sign state forms for all fifty states
  • Full service titling and registration

And along the way, gain insight into the whole process with status updates — including any communication to and from Vitu.

How National API works

As a developer and integrator, you are looking at all of the features listed above and saying, “Let me at it!” Well, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Fee estimates

Want to get the most accurate fee estimates? Call the Fees API. With a simple call including basic information about the vehicle, the buyer and the selling and destination states, a detailed fee estimate is returned.

National API Fee Estimates

Sample of a returned fee estimate breakdown

Document checklists

Titling and registering a vehicle always requires specific paperwork — either state forms or ancillary items such as a driver license or proof of insurance, to name a few. With a call to the Checklist API, all of those required items on a single, easy-to-read checklist are within reach.

National API document checklist of out of state forms

Sample of a returned checklist

Ready-to-sign state forms

Vitu’s National API delivers pre-populated state forms with all of the information about the vehicle, buyer and the selling and destination states. With just one API call, receive all the forms needed — ready to sign.

National API ready-to-sign out of state forms

Sample of a returned pre-populated state form

Full service title and reg

Let Vitu handle the titling and registration. The same level of service and support our dealership partners receive with Vitu Interstate is available through an API. With robust support for submitting and receiving scans, status updates and communication abilities, it’s a no-brainer for offering your buyers that ultimate level of service.

Ready to get started?

Developer Portal

Trust the title & reg experts

Each day, Vitu processes thousands of transactions across the nation. Our partners rely on and trust our expertise in providing accurate title and registration fee estimates, pre-filled forms and, when requested, facilitating that “over the finish line” service where plates and indicia are delivered to buyers.

50-states at your fingertips

When we say, “Add fees, forms and finalizing integration in your own apps,” we mean exactly that. The National API (and really, all of Vitu’s API ecosystem) offers you a White Label experience — we’ll give you the tools you ask for and need while you control the end-user experience.

  • The most accurate title and registration fee estimates for all 50 states
  • Required state-issued forms for all 50 states

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