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Say hello to digital vehicle sales.

Digital signatures on secure state forms — it's here

Convenience and flexibility for your buyers when finalizing a vehicle sale

VituSign allows your buyers to digitally sign documents with an easy to use (and fun) solution

A new digital age is here

You want paperless — we got it

Wait, what? Digital signatures — on DMV documents? Yes, we mean exactly that. Digital Signatures delivers on the promise of digitally signing forms, even those with an odometer disclosure.

Digital Signatures is the new way to complete the title and registration documents. Now you can move beyond physical printing and signing of the forms.

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As easy as 1-2-3

Convenient. Secure. Effortless. From the ground up, Digital Signature workflows are built to make you and your buyer’s lives as easy as possible.

Trust us. Both you and your customers will love it — not only is it easy, it’s also fun!

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Why VituSign Digital Signatures?

VituSign Digital signatures are secure, fun and quick

Digital signatures with VituSign — secure and flexibe
Digital flexibility

Finalize your vehicle sales with digital signatures — safely and securely.

The VituSign Digital Signatures solution is easy to useo use
Simple process

Click, confirm and sign. Digitally signing is easy for both you and your buyers.

VituSign Digital Signatures allows for a quick and painless vehicle sale
Speed through sales

In person or remote, digital signatures allow for a quick vehicle sales process.

Built for the Nation, made for you

Locally and across the Nation, Vitu supports all your title and registration needs — no need to log into another platform.


In-state Title & Reg


50-State Title & Reg


E-Titling Nationwide

Get started with Digital Signatures today.

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The Vitu Platform — Digital Title and Reg in one place

Vitu has successfully completed the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type II audit, demonstrating its effective
protection of confidential client data.

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